Coventry Cathedral from 9th to 31st August 2014.

There was a great many visitors, a combination of local people who had seen our advertising posters, and of course, the holidaymakers who were visiting the Cathedral.

It was very well received and we were thrilled to read so many compliments in our Visitors' Book.

St Ives Corn Exchange November 2014

Exhibition based on Coventry Cathedral

Another successful exhibition, we were surprised to see so many people who had lived in Coventry and had taken the trouble to visit us. It is always interesting to get the views of people who have lived in the area and hear about their experiences during the war and the after effects.

It is very encouraging also when the younger generation are interested, as with one visitor who saw the exhibition in Coventry it being her home town, and it happened she was visiting family at the time of the exhibition in St Ives and so she came to have another look and she was delighted to be able to talk to us about the pieces.

Chelmsford Library August 2015

We exhibited at the Library throughout August, which probably was not the best time of the year with people being on holiday.


The space would have been better if it had had lighting throughout the area instead of just one end, the other disadvantage was that it was located in the 'Newspaper reading area'.


We could only judge how many visited the exhibition when we were stewarding on Saturdays and were rather disappointed, although the people that did visit us really liked the work and asked questions about the group and where our next exhibition would be.


The 'Events' team were helpful but unfortunately could not remedy the lighting problem, it is a venue we would not care to use again.


Textiles in Focus February 2016


A collection of mixed media and textiles, including those inspired from Coventry Cathedral

Ann, Angie, Lynda and Guest Artist Lee Creswell.

Well, what a good time we had at this show, we arrived on Thursday morning bright and early, everything was there ready for us, the space was terrific with large screens and plenty of tables, help was there when required and David was at our beck and call all the weekend.

We shared the large hall with two other groups, Running with Scissors and The Westhope Lace Group, three quite different groups so there was plenty for the visitors to see.

We had so many compliments on the quality and diversity of our exhibition, people wanted to engage us in conversation (and we were happy to do so) asking about techniques we had used, this ranged from Lynda's mixed media pieces to Angie's collage and my embroidery, several people wanted to know how to rust paper or fabric, all of which made it a very interesting weekend.

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend even assembling and breaking down the exhibition and would do it all again at the drop of a hat.



Canmore Park, Solihull

NEC - March and June

ExCel - London


Embroiderers' Guild Regional Day


Makit Fair - Solihull

Eau Brink Studio

Wisbech & Fenland Museum

Textiles in Focus


Chelmsford Library


St. Ives, Corn Exchange

Coventry Cathedral

















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