Ann Cooke


Like most people who sew I started stitching as a child, at home and at school. It was always useful things, clothes to wear using the latest fashion for inspiration to make a new outfit.

This progressed to children’s clothes especially my daughter’s dance costumes, the usual household items, and the biggest item being an extra room, complete with windows, for the family tent. The freehand textile and artistic side didn’t come to the fore until the early 90s.


When I retired in 2002 I started thinking about classes or workshops and visiting exhibitions, you can learn so much from going to exhibitions.


Part 1 City & Guilds Machine Embroidery and Design was my first course then the college I was attending stopped doing C&G and so I looked for textile groups and was invited to join Fen Edge textiles in 2006, unfortunately this group disbanded in August 2014, but during the eight years I was there we exhibited in many places, several National Trust Houses, local Museums and Galleries.


My work is varied, I like all aspects of textile art and everything will have stitching on it either machine embroidery or hand embroidery and more often than not it will have both.


I am a member of The Embroiderers’ Guild.


Ann Cooke - 2017


Angie Hill


I am a textile artist whose preferred materials are gold, wool, silk, beads among many.


I enjoy various techniques but my passion is hand sewing and I am inspired by texture and mixed media.


As well as exhibiting my work around the country I enjoy presenting and promoting my work and techniques. I have exhibited my work at Warner’s Silk Mill, Coventry Cathedral and Textiles in Focus to name a few and carried out presentations locally.


I am a member of The Embroiderers Guild


My History


My first recollection of textiles was watching my grandmother crochet and knit and my first foray into working with textiles was at the age 8 years when I made a tie-dyed table runner the edge of which was hemmed with blanket-stitched. I was encouraged to cross stitch in junior school but I wasn’t encouraged beyond that.


I was in my twenties when I started to take and interest in textiles again, I went to evening classes to learn dressmaking and made a christening gown for my daughter. I dabbled in cross-stitch but family life was busy so my textiles went on hold and I returned to knitting.


It was when my children grew up that I took up the challenge again, with vigour. I attended a workshop run by Anne Brown who inspired me to take up textile arts and I went on to complete my City & Guilds (Pt1 and Pt2 Diploma).


I joined a textile group when I lived in Essex but it was when I moved to Cambridgeshire and retired that I really got motivated again. Meeting like-minded people with the same passions as mine, along with support from my family, galvanized me and I have set out in my own direction using textiles.


Angie Hill - 2016

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Lynda Monk


I am a mixed-media textile artist, using materials such as Kunin Felt, Tyvek and Lutradur to create textured and unusual surfaces.


Inspired mainly by rust and corrosion, I stitch, burn and melt these materials before adding layers of acrylic mediums and colour.


Exploring new techniques is always exciting and I have recently been using Thermofax Screens combined with Xpandaprint and Lutradur to create surfaces I call 'fragments'.


I teach my techniques in workshops to groups, clubs and guilds around the UK including workshops at ArtVanGo, and residential courses at Missenden Abbey.


I have also appeared at the major shows either with my own stand or demonstrating different techniques on the ArtVanGo stand.


Currently I have three books published by d4daisy:


'Stitching the Textured Surface', explores the use of gesso and molding paste to create amazing textured surfaces.


'Fabulous Surfaces' uses tissue papers combined with foils and acrylic mediums producing metallic effect surfaces and more.


'Exploring Creative Surfaces' looks at creating more unique surfaces using scrim, polyester fabrics, foils and mixed media products.


'Beautiful Bonded Surfaces' looks at heat treatment techniques using transfer paints, tyvek, polyester fabrics, craft felt, bubble wrap and various threads


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