Angie Hill

I am a textile artist whose preferred materials are gold, wool, silk, beads among many.


I enjoy various techniques but my passion is hand sewing and I am inspired by texture and mixed media.


As well as exhibiting my work around the country I enjoy presenting and promoting my work and techniques. I have exhibited my work at Warner’s Silk Mill, Coventry Cathedral and Textiles in Focus to name a few and carried out presentations locally.


I am a member of King’s Lynn Embroiderers Guild and a newly formed group Quintessential.


My History


My first recollection of textiles was watching my grandmother crochet and knit and my first foray into working with textiles was at the age 8 years when I made a tie-dyed table runner the edge of which was hemmed with blanket-stitched. I was encouraged to cross stitch in junior school but I wasn’t encouraged beyond that.


I was in my twenties when I started to take and interest in textiles again, I went to evening classes to learn dressmaking and made a christening gown for my daughter. I dabbled in cross-stitch but family life was busy so my textiles went on hold and I returned to knitting.


It was when my children grew up that I took up the challenge again, with vigour. I attended a workshop run by Anne Brown who inspired me to take up textile arts and I went on to complete my City & Guilds (Pt1 and Pt2 Diploma).


I joined a textile group when I lived in Essex but it was when I moved to Cambridgeshire and retired that I really got motivated again. Meeting like-minded people with the same passions as mine, along with support from my family, galvanized me and I have set out in my own direction using textiles.


Angie Hill

July 2016


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